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Motorcycle Alchemist 

mean machines custom motorcycles sr500
mean machines custom motorcycles frame build

It all began in 1968 on the enchanting, uplifting island of Mauritius. My dad Lindsay purchased his first motorbike in 1968 – a Laverda 150cc. After Lindsay customized and raced this machine, he went on to build numerous other bikes from an RD250 to the famous CB750, turning them into incredible cafes and choppers. Lindsay's CB750 was the first chopper on the island! I’ve got photos and stories of gravel rash to prove it.

He started building custom scooters & motorcycles back in 1968 when he was 16. Soon after, BMW Mauritius poached him to work on performance cars/motorcycles.


He was later assigned to work for BMW Dubai, later BMW France as a Master Technician based on his qualifications, BMW Australia soon hired him in the 90s and so began a new phase in his life.




Since the age of three, I’ve been tinkering around with custom cars, and motorcycles and wrenching in Dad’s garage. This is where my passion for motorcycles and cars came from…so I’m blaming Dad for everything.

At the age of five, I took apart Dad’s CB750 – with the headlight ending up on the other side of the workshop.

That bike got me into a bit of trouble! 

After high school I wanted to be an F1 mechanic, sadly the parents wanted me to work in an office  so began the computer science degree journey spent years studying at Macquarie university soon after worked as an IBM Websphere specialist while working at this new exciting shop called Deus motorcycles on the weekends, which fueled the passion even further. 


The dark side soon took over and I snuck my first bike – a SR500 into the backyard and started to work on it when Mum wasn’t around, despite Dad pleading for me not to pursue this crazy addiction of custom motorcycles.

Fittingly, I named my first masterpiece, Trouble….. and so it began!

Throughout my whole life, I’ve always been around bikes and cars, so I guess it is not surprising that doing custom turbo installations and fibreglass work earned me the “Mr Innovation” award at the Auto Salon in 2001, plus various other awards for my custom builds.

Moving to motorcycles was an easy transition and soon became my passion. It seems it was bound to happen even without the folks' permission.

Sadly my Parents wanted me to work in an office, so began the computer science degree journey spent years studying at Macquarie university soon after worked as an IBM Websphere specialist while working at Deus motorcycles on the weekends which fueled the passion even further. 

In 2011 with a portfolio of bikes that I’ve modified,  I decided to start Mean Machines Motorcycles.

A year in the company was bought out and expanded to the size of a football field.

On another hand, the spirit and passion faded but as always this was part of me.

During this time I worked in various motorcycle workshops and motorcycle companies which led me to build the first production electric motorcycle in Australia. 


Yes folks from paper drawing, prototype frame and engine to a complete production motorcycle, the model is still being sold today. 




Moving forward 7 years I ended up re-acquiring Mean Machines Motorcycle.

I hope you enjoy my bikes as much as I’ve loved creating them, customising them and turning my motorcycle fantasies into a mean reality!
Enough reading, more wrenching, let's ride.

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